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Congratulations to ClickBank’s Andrea Albright for appearing on the cover of Women’s Health & Fitness. Andrea is an international fitness expert and founder of several successful digital products, providing women with proven techniques to losing weight and getting in shape.

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Get 3 Tips For A Firmer Butt And Thinner Thighs

Learn the fastest way to shrink thigh fat while you sculpt your butt and tone your legs with these three simple tips you can do anytime and anywhere.

I’ll Be the First to Admit It: I’m Not the Thinnest Person Out There…

I’ll also never be a supermodel or walk the fashion runways…and I’m fine with that! I’m just a regular person with less than average genetics. In fact, I can get very fat very easily, and I battled with my weight for years.

I was born with the kind of genes that make you store fat instead of burning it off, but I’ve actually learned to make healthy eating and fitness FUN. As you can see here, I stay lean, toned, and in great shape year round despite having those “fat-storing genes.”

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Depression and Emotional Eating Tip

I’m outside of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy… it’s almost 2000 years old and it’s the largest free-standing dome in the world. I invite you to connect with yourself now: These columns behind me are actually one complete piece and most columns would be broken up into pieces and then put together but not these! […]

Lose Weight With Me In Italy

Hey it’s Andréa and I am in the streets of Rome on a running tour with my amazing guide Christina! We’re in the “Piazza del Popolo” which means “The Square of the People” in this huge beautiful circle and there is so much beautiful architecture around us… Let me take you on this running tour with […]

Top 3 Hotel Fitness Tips

Bongiorno! I’m Andréa Albright, I’m a fitness expert, I’m a health expert and I am in Rome, Italy darling! I just checked in to my beautiful hotel and this place is great because it has a fitness center and a solarium where you can get lots of sunshine… I’m going to be showing you how […]

My Bikini Butt

28 Days To A Tight Butt, Slimmer Legs, and Less Cellulite!

Discover this hidden trick to slim thighs and shape your butt at MyBikiniButt.com

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Here are 3 fantastic tips for women on how to tone and reduce fat from your butt, hips and thighs, while slimming down and toning your legs. I will show you how this method of moving helps you burn more belly fat and lose weight faster as well.

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Get 3 Tips For A Firmer Butt

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