Weight Loss Success Story – Size 24 to Size 14 (76 lbs!)

My sister Megan has personally overcome her own struggles with her weight.

Today, she is going to share her success story and some of her tips with you:

* Of course, these results not typical of everyone who buys our products, individual results will vary based on dedication, body type & more.

Have you ever thought you had too much to loose? Believe me, I used to say the same thing for YEARS, my sister also said the same exact thing for a long time.

Now Megan is down 10 sizes and continuing to loose more and more sizes until she gets to her goal. Once you start the weight loss journey, it’s impossible to turn back. You get addicted.

It’s like brushing your teeth, if you miss a day you feel all that fuzzyness on your teeth and it makes you feel “gross” – same thing with working out. After a while your brain relies on it for endorphins and other feel good hormones. When you miss your workout, you just feel “gross”.

Andréa: “This is a very special interview. For many years I have wanted to bring my family into this healthy weight loss journey.

My sister Megan is not just an amazing person and my best friend but she is also a success story.

No matter where you are at, you can be inspired to lose weight in a healthy way.

Megan, tell us where are you at today on your journey?”

Megan: “7 months ago I started off and I was a size 24… Today I’m a size 14-16.”

Andréa: “That’s incredible. That gives you a huge success story… I love that you specifically said the dress sizes.

As you have been exercising and eating healthy you are gaining muscle. Muscle takes up less space and it’s more dense.

You may be getting higher on the scale as your weight goes up but you are getting leaner and tighter. That’s where you go with the dress sizes.

Over the last 7 months, how much weight have you lost?”

Megan: “76 pounds.”

Andréa: “76 pounds. That’s amazing, phenomenal.”

Megan: “I’m really excited about it. I started off with a positive mentality.

My goal is to lose this amount of fat and gain this amount of muscle. We actually talked about it in pounds and I want to gain 15 pounds of muscle over the next 6 months.”

Andréa: “Have you seen it in your dress sizes?”

Megan: “Absolutely, yes.”

Andréa: “Do you enjoy shopping now? I heard you got some new clothes.”

Megan: “I did and I also run through them pretty quickly. I have been buying new clothes and then I get to wear them just a couple of times. Then I have to go buy more!”

Andréa: “That’s the only disadvantage of getting healthy and getting fit is that you continuously have to update your jeans because you are getting more and more skinny.

That’s fantastic! Does it feel good to buy clothes for your body now?”

Megan: “It’s nice to actually wear things that are my size and be able to walk around and feel good in them.”

Andréa:  “That’s awesome!”

* Of course, these results not typical of everyone who buys our products, individual results will vary based on dedication, body type & more.


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