Practice The Art Of Self-Love

Have you gone through the cycle of self-sabotage, starvation diets and filling yourself with potions ad chemicals?

You lose some weight and gain it back because they just don’t seem to work.

You are not alone.

As we mature into discerning women, we realize that there’s got to be a better way.

And it turns out, there is!

It is all about Practicing the Art of Self-Love.

Loving yourself is accepting your body as it is right now.

The more you love your body, the more health, abundance and healing you have.

You will have more energy, enthusiasm and happiness in your life.


There are so many simple ways that you can give yourself the love you deserve.

A few minutes of walking a day can do wonders.
Meditating in the morning can give you peace that can bring about clarity.
A warm bath can rejuvenate your body and your spirit.
Getting a relaxing massage can heal you from all your aches and pains.


Take your past dieting mistakes as opportunities to make better choices.
Stop beating yourself up for the unsuccessful outcome.
Put the past behind, forgive yourself and get ready for a new journey ahead.

It’s not about finding the right guy that completes you.
You are whole and complete as you are.
When you have that sense of completeness, you will attract a person who also feels complete.
You don’t want to attract someone who is not whole.

Learn to laugh at yourself and love each flaw you have.
Don’t judge yourself according to what society says you should be.
Stop measuring yourself up against other women and feeling inferior.
We all offer something different and we are all one of a kind.
If things don’t go according to your plan, the best thing you can have is some humility and laughter.
It is an adventure after all and enjoying every step is part of it.


Practicing the art of self-love is a life journey.

It really is about giving yourself the love and appreciation you deserve.

When you  take a personal inventory of how far you’ve come in your life as a person who is committed to self-love and healing, that’s when you can really get that dose of self esteem.

When you love yourself, it is truly the best gift you can ever give and receive.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who loves herself.

Through all her flaws, struggles, triumphs and victories, this woman is truly the brightest light.


To Loving Ourselves Even More,
Love and Light,






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Taking Care of Yourself is Not Selfish

As women, our society sees us as the nurturers.

We are the ones who take care of others even at the expense of ourselves.

We feel that we are selfish when we take care of our needs first before attending to the needs of others.

We go out of our way to do these things for other people and feel guilty when we do things for ourselves.

Now, I want you to pause, think deeply and ask yourself…

Is giving to others at the expense of yourself a positive experience for you?

Do you get to the point that you run out of energy because you have not taken the time to replenish yourself first?

I’m not suggesting that you stop giving to others.

Let’s just reframe your viewpoint of giving.

Be Your Number One Priority

Say this to yourself:

“It is not selfish to take care of myself.”

Say it again and this time, mean it:

“It is not selfish to take care of myself.”

When you take care of your needs first, you will give from a place of abundance.

You are fulfilled from within, and you will be able to give your best energy.

You will become a better lover, mother, friend, a better person.

Start by giving yourself one hour a day for your needs for you to take care of yourself.

You deserve to feel complete and cared for before you share yourself to the world.

And YOU are the best person to do that to yourself.

Learn the joy you get when you love yourself the most.

You’ll find that your ability to love and care for others increases infinitely.

An Advocate of Loving Oneself,

Love and Light,



Join us as we explore the wonderful journey of loving yourself completely.

Love Yourself

In our culture, there is so much pressure to be “in love”. We are told that if you don’t have a romantic partner, you’re unattractive, unlovable and even broken.

I remember an x-boyfriend telling me once that if a woman hasn’t been married by the time she’s 25, men automatically think there is something wrong with her. She’s considered “damaged goods”.

We watch movies with lines like, “You complete me” and we never stop to question how these messages are impacting the most important relationship of your life… the relationship with yourself.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m celebrating something different.

For the first time in 16 years, I am not in a co-dependent attachment with another person. 16 years!

And while the temptations to couple up are everywhere… I’m choosing something different this year.

I’m celebrating love for the true love of my life.

The one relationship that has been there from the beginning …

The one relationship that will carry me through every step of this lifetime’s journey…

The only relationship that will truly never end…

The relationship with myself.

So today, instead of pouring out affection onto another person, I’m choosing to adore and cherish me.

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

– I’m going to write myself a love letter (and mean it)

– I’m going to take a really long meditation (because I deserve it)

– I’m going to invite my yoga practice to show me something that I was never ready to see before (and I’m going to not resist it when it comes up)

– I’m going to dress in clothing that makes me feel the most beautiful and alive as possible (because it’s fun)

– I’m going to wear sexy underwear that no one else will ever see (because it’s my special secret)

– I’m going to consciously forgive myself for ONE thing that is no longer serving me

– I’m going to laugh as loud as possible

– I’m going to dance as crazy as my body will let me

– I’m going to sing as loud as I can

– I’m going to challenge myself to find one new way of loving and adoring myself without hesitation

– I’m going to bath in candle light

– I’m going to drench my body in sacred oils, caressing my skin with the love and care of a devoted lover, worshiping the glistening light that dances with every stroke

– I’m going to give myself as much pleasure as I want

– I’m going to sleep in a caccoon of peace, cuddled and nourished by the blanket of love that is surrounding me

… sounds like a great day! 😉
Wherever you are in your own journey of self-love, my hope is that you will find ONE way to adore yourself today.

If you are in a romantic relationship that fills you up, then this will only make it more pleasurable.

If you are in between romantic partners, then you can use this ritual as an opportunity to raise your vibration to attract people that are vibrating on a higher and higher level of reality.

When you are in pain, you will attract others at that level.

When you are in love, you will attract love.

Here’s to the celebration of love!~

Your Self-Love Coach,
Love and Light,

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