Secrets To Toned Underarms

Having underarm flab is very frustrating to a lot of women.

You worry about wearing your favorite sleeveless tops and dresses.

You are embarrassed to show your underarms jiggle.

Believe me, I know how it feels because I have struggled with this for years.

It wasn’t until I studied the science behind it that I was able to tone my bloated underarms.

Yes, there is real science behind it, and I will reveal to you the secrets that I have discovered.




Secret #1:   Focus On How Strong Your Arms Are

The arms are so important for our whole physical presence.

We need them in order to do so many things.

When you focus on what’s positive about your arms, they are going to respond to your actions in a positive way.

Re-framing your relationship with this part of the body can do wonders.

Every time you do anything that requires you to use your arms, give them the appreciation they deserve.

Say “Thank you, arms. I am able to carry my child.”  or “Thank you, arms, I am able to work today.”

How you think about your body and how you talk to it is EVERYTHING!

Witness your arms respond positively to your exercises and all the other health choices you make as you appreciate them more every day.


Secret #2:  Build Muscles For Toned Underarms

When you increase your muscle mass, you decrease fat.

We want to build muscles and to use our muscles — muscles that work for you!

You need to build muscles in your ENTIRE BODY, not just in the underarms section.

The statement that we cannot spot-reduce fat is true.

The underarm flab is there because there is a certain percentage of body fat covering your entire body.

As you increase the muscle mass percentage of the body, the body fat percentage decreases all over.

When you achieve this, you will not only get those toned and sexy underarms that you’ve always wanted, your entire body will be lean as well.


Secret #3:  Keep Your Arms Moving

Building muscles makes your arms stronger.

But it’s not all about strengthening this part of the body.

You also have to keep the mobility of the arms.

You need to keep them moving.

The flexibility of the arms is equally important.

You want to tune in to your shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Try these Yoga poses for arm flexibility:

Child’s Pose

Downward Dog

Upward Dog

Secret #4:  Healthy Balance In Your Hormones Is Key

For years, I couldn’t understand why I would still have bloating in my underarms even if I was doing everything right.

I was exercising and eating clean and still, the underarm flab was there.

That’s when I started studying Hormones.

What I discovered was that the underarm flab is a sign of having too much Estrogen in the body.

This was a big AHA moment for me!

Estrogen is a female hormone.  When our estrogen levels are too high it causes irritability, mood swings, depression and yes, underarm fat.

Unfortunately, it’s not just our bodies that are producing estrogen.

Toxins in the food we eat and in the products that we use everyday such as shampoos, face creams, soap, etc. can also mimic the hormone, estrogen.

They are called “Xeno Estrogens” and they can contribute to causing underarm flab.

So what you want is to lower the amount of estrogen in your environment by avoiding the chemicals in these products as much as you can.

Go for natural and organic products that don’t add to the amount of estrogen produced by your body.

There are so many of them out there and it’s just a matter of finding what works for you.

These are the secrets to toning your underarm flab.

I discovered them through years of studying the science of the body and through my own experience.

So, are you ready to get your sleeveless outfits out?

Try these tips and I’m sure you will have those lean, toned and sexy underarms in no time.


To A Leaner And Healthier You,
Love and Light,





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