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Andrea in Oxygen Magazine

The ups and downs of this journey of losing weight have been more intense than climbing Mt. Everest (the tallest mountain in the world).

If you would’ve told the “me” 15 years ago who was overweight, depressed and hated her body that at 37 she would start a new career as a fitness model, I would’ve thought you were smoking some mind altering substance.

But here it is… the latest edition of Oxygen magazine with me in a full-page spread.




I’m not saying that this journey is all glamorous and beautiful. I spend many nights alone, facing my demons and working through my feelings instead of stuffing them with food.

The food addictions still call my name.

I don’t know if they will ever go away.

And yet, I’ve found ways to channel that voice that wants to devour an entire pizza and apple pie (my favorites!)…

I write a lot more today than I did back then. I communicate about my feelings and thoughts before they become too overwhelming.

I watch the inner voice that wants to tell me, “I’m not good enough”…

When she wants to knock out my voice of strength and grab the wheel, I gently remind her that her voice is heard, and that I appreciate her perspective…

Instead of blaming or getting angry at her, I listen, and then tell her she is loved and valuable.

I thank her for her perspective because I see her intention that she wants to make me stronger.

Once that voice is recognized and validated, she no longer wants to drive the wheel of my choices, running us off a cliff.

She is content to sit in the passengers seat and navigate or simply relax and enjoy the ride.

The truth is, there is a part of me that still feels like I’m that same overweight, sluggish, depressed and angry girl I was in my teens and 20s…

I don’t want her to go away!

I embrace her.

She is a part of me.

She is still inside of me, and I love her for all the pain she has showed me.

Without the shadows, we never see the light.

Without this journey, I wouldn’t be celebrating today.

The highs mean nothing without the lows.

And the view from Mt. Everest isn’t the same if you take a helicopter up to the summit …

Verses walking up the mountain step-by-step.

Enjoy the view along the way.

This is your journey.

To Your Weightloss Journey,
Love and Light,


P.S. It has been a dream of mine for years to be in Oxygen magazine because it is the #1 fitness magazine for women in the world.

The women that are represented in this magazine are fit and lean, but still very feminine and toned. I wonder if they will ever know that I used to be overweight?

Can you tell?



Introducing the Albright Collection by Body By Brazil

This is a photoshoot with my favorite clothing designer called “Body By Brazil”.

Their clothes are so fabulous because they never stretch, fade or tear even under the most intense workouts.




Albright Collection 4 Body By Brazil


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Andrea Live On Las Vegas FOX5: Dangers of Skinny Fat

Size 12… that is what I used to be.

Now, I am a healthy size 2 and I have kept it off for over 10 years.

See how I’ve cut my body fat % in half:

* Of course, these results not typical of everyone who buys our products, individual results will vary based on dedication, body type & more.

Many people are walking around thinking that they are fit and slim.

However, they have high body fat and low muscle tone, which are the same dangers of being obese.

Diabetes, osteoporosis, and a slower metabolism all lead to heart attacks and strokes. It is a very serious condition…

You want to focus on your health and getting off the medications.

Here is my formula for overcoming “skinny fat”.

I have created the “bikini formula” because you can’t hide spanx in a bikini, right?

When a woman is rocking a bikini you know everything looks good. Even skinny women can have cellulite and body fat.

When I get a woman fit and healthy, I say focus on doing butt exercises. Believe it or not when you get a great butt, your whole body is going to have a higher metabolism. It is one of the largest muscle groups in the body.

We focus on the butt and everything looks better. Your abs get tighter, your upper body gets leaner, it is amazing.

You want to spike your heart rate and then slow it down like in intervals instead of just hours and hours of cardio.

You have to be kind, gentle, and nourishing to your body.

When a woman says, “I love my body”, it is a gift.

Instead of focusing on diets and starvation, you are actually saying, “I am going to give my body the gift of health.”

You will be rocking that bikini because inner confidence starts from inside.


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Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Cover

This is so weird to say this… it has been a dream since I was a little girl to be on the cover of a magazine! And now, at 36 years old it has come true.

I trained hard, removed all toxins from my diet (including sugar, alcohol and chemicals) for 6 months in order to get ready. On the day of the shoot, I showed up leaner and more toned than I’ve ever seen my body. What an incredible journey this has been.

* Of course, these results not typical of everyone who buys our products, individual results will vary based on dedication, body type & more.

AndreaAlbrightCoverInsert1Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I used to be overweight. I get it. Until they see my “before” photo, they want to stay stuck in the mindset that if “you’re born fat then you stay fat” … but this simply isn’t the truth.

I love proving to women that you can do anything you put your mind to.

So what’s YOUR goal? You can achieve it. Believe in yourself and never give up!



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Andrea Fox 5 Las Vegas News


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Andrea Live On New Mexico Today: Look Hot In A Bikini (5 Mistakes To Avoid!)

Here are the biggest mistakes women make when they want to look hot in a bikini.

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Andrea Albright on San Diego LIVING! Get Your Butt Ready For The Holidays Without Going To The Gym!

* Of course, these results not typical of everyone who buys our products, individual results will vary based on dedication, body type & more.

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Watch Andrea on San Diego Living


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