The Healing Energy Of Crystals

Maybe you’ve been hearing about how crystals can bring a calming, healing and even uplifting energy to your body, home and relationships, and you’re curious to know “Why?”

Crystals are something that I’ve only recently began to explore.

Once I started learning about what they are and what they do, I have to say that they have made a huge impact in my life.

Underneath their innate beauty and magnificence, crystals also possess the characteristics that you can use as a symbol for your natural weight loss journey.



Crystals are organic matter in the form of rocks that come from the earth.

They come in all different colors, shapes, textures and sizes.

They have the same molecular structure as that of the regular, dark opaque rocks we see all around, but they are special. 

Millions of years of pressure on these rocks turns them into clear and luminescent materials.

Some of them are so clear that light can pass straight through them!

The once dirty, dingy and opaque rocks transform into these beautiful, light-filled beauties that we see today.

Some of the most popular crystals are Rose and White Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst.




Crystal Therapy

Crystals are very cool to the touch.

As you hold them or place them onto your body, they actually become warm.

It begins to take on the heat of your body.

This is a very therapeutic and healing feeling to so many.

Crystals can also take away your stress and tension.

Just holding them can be a very soothing experience.

Crystals For Inner Peace

Many believe that crystals can take away the negative energy around us.

When you have crystals in your home, you can actually feel a sense of lightness in the space.

My experience with having crystals in my life is that they do cleanse the environment, creating a safe bubble of healing around me.

I hold my crystals in the morning while I do my meditation. The touch of the crystals in my hand gives me a sense of grounding while the energy that is moving through them seems to uplift, cleanse and clarify.

When you set the intention, they can help to take the negative thoughts away.

It just feels so peaceful and grounding all at the same time.

Crystals As A Powerful Symbol

Just like in our human lives, these crystals go through pressure, chaos and so many obstacles… ultimately revealing a beautiful transformation.

With the endurance of time and with effort, we become stronger and awakened.

From struggle and even tragedy, we transform into these beautiful creatures of light.

You can think of crystals as a symbol of the awakening of human consciousness —  from darkness, sorrow and fear you awaken to allow the light of healing, peace and love to shine through you.

If you’re in a sense of pressure in your own life, you can use crystals as a symbol of your own evolution and journey.

Crystals Withstand All Time, Space and Pressure

Whether you have them on as beautiful pieces of jewelry or as gorgeous accents in your homes, crystals can give you a sense of self-healing.

Through the years, I have established a collection of museum-quality crystals that I am proud to be the guardian of. I remember the woman I bought them from telling me that, “You do not own these crystals. You are simply their guardian in this lifetime. And they will far outlast you.”

To see their raw, magnificent beauty that has been carved through millions of years of pressure, trauma and obstacles to emerge as the glowing symbol of sparking light brings so much inspiration to my daily path.

You can bathe with them, sleep with them or put them in your pocket.

They can be a symbol of the light that purifies your mind, body and emotions.

They are a great reminder of the person you want to become on your journey of healing and natural weight loss.

Try having a deeper relationship with these gifts from the Earth.

Experiment and test out how you respond to them. Every crystal is unique, just as YOU are a unique and special soul.


Bringing You The Magic In Nature,
Love and Light,






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