Secrets To Toned Underarms

Having underarm flab is very frustrating to a lot of women. You worry about wearing your favorite sleeveless tops and dresses. You are embarrassed to show your underarms jiggle. Believe me, I know how it feels because I have struggled with this for years. It wasn’t until I studied the science behind it that I […]

Fat Melting Recipe “Seared Tilapia Fillet”

If you think fish dishes are boring, think again… A good source of lean protein and omega 3 fatty acids, the Tilapia can help reduce inflammation all throughout the body. This delicious dish is loaded with other vitamins and minerals including calcium…and yes, it’s 100% Fat Melting too! Try this for your next meal and […]

Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateau

Let me ask you this: Where are you now in your weight loss journey? After seeing your weight come off and your clothes fit better than ever, do you feel that your weight loss has stopped and that there is no progress anymore? You continue dieting and working out but somehow when you measure yourself, […]

Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I used to be an overweight, yo-yo dieter… Until they see my before and after weight loss photos: This is to show you PROOF that no matter if you were born with the fat storing genes like I am, you CAN lose weight in a 100% […]

Fat Melting Recipe “Deviled Eggs”

Eggs are some of the most versatile power foods out there. They are packed with protein, healthy fats and lots of other vitamins and minerals. They are easy to cook and you can bring them anywhere. Give a delicious spin to these fat-melting eggs with this great recipe. Ingredients: 6 hard boiled eggs 1/4 cup […]