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The Truth About Weight Loss

In the 15 years that I have been in this industry, I’ve discovered so much about the truth of weight loss. After years of studying, analyzing, testing it out on myself and even helping others like you to achieve true success in their weight loss journey, today we take things back to the fundamentals and […]

Coconut Oil Miracles

I have great news for you. You no longer have to harm your body with diet pills. You no longer have to put destructive chemicals into your body in hopes that you lose weight. You can combat those fat storing genes in order to fit into jeans you never imagined would fit your body. No […]

Fat Melting Recipe “Mayonnaise Alternative”

I love Mayonnaise! But most of the brands on the market have chemicals and processed additives. This recipe is a healthy alternative to store bought mayonnaise. It’s all natural, rich in flavors and packed with healthy fats, and ingredients that boost your metabolism. Enjoy it on any dish that you like!   Ingredients: 1 cup […]

No More Hidden Sugars

Do you have intense sugar cravings all the time? Do you feel like you can never break your sugar addiction? You are not alone.  So many women struggle with this problem. For years, I was the same way. I couldn’t understand why I craved sugar. It wasn’t until I studied why sugar is so addictive […]

Success Story: Shed Off 8.5 Inches In 28 Days

When I struggled with my weight years ago, I kept jumping from one fitness program to another. Nothing seemed to work. I realized that the one big factor missing in these programs was the COMMUNITY FACTOR. It was having a community of women who were going through the same weight loss journey as I was. […]

Responsible Way To Take Pills

Here’s a quick history lesson for you… In the 1960’s, the pharmaceutical companies started to explode. Different types of medications were introduced in the market. It was also around this time when taking pills for just about anything began to really take off. There were pills to feel better, sleep better, lose weight and many more […]

Fat Melting Recipe “Apple Chips”

Apples are these beautiful, delicious, heart-shaped fruits that you can find anywhere. They are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that keep your body and mind nourished. This recipe gives you a kick of healthy fats and carbohydrates plus a boost in your metabolism too. Try it…Chips have never tasted this GOOOOD!   Ingredients: […]

Slim Down Water Recipe

Are you ready to make your water even more powerful to detox the toxins from your body? Then you need my famous Slim Down Water Recipe!                       Click here to get the recipe.  It is so simple and easy to make… Your whole family will […]

TrimTribe Story

Watch this video to see how women came from all around the world to celebrate their new healthy weight loss and body freedom: Ready to join TrimTribe? Go here to join the sisterhood today. Love and Light,

Stress and Belly Fat

In today’s modern world, there are many things that can stress us out. We often run from place to place, and our schedules are jam-packed. When you’re running on stress, this releases stress hormones throughout your body. Did you know that one of those stress hormones is a hormone called “cortisol”? It’s weird when you […]