Shine Your Light On Toxic People

Imagine this… You seem to be on a path of growth and you believe that you can achieve anything you want. You feel so good about yourself! Suddenly, you run into a conflict with a peer,  a co-worker or even someone you admire. YOU COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN! Has this ever happened to you? Do you […]


The Healing Energy Of Crystals

Maybe you’ve been hearing about how crystals can bring a calming, healing and even uplifting energy to your body, home and relationships, and you’re curious to know “Why?” Crystals are something that I’ve only recently began to explore. Once I started learning about what they are and what they do, I have to say that […]


Success Story: 10 Inches Gone In Just 28 Days!

More and more women are openly sharing their incredible weight loss success stories. Their success is PROOF that no matter how many diets you’ve failed at in the past… When you follow my proven formula for losing weight — no pills, no gimmicks — just 100% honest, safe and natural weight loss… it works. They see and […]


Fat Melting Recipe “Carne Asada Wrap”

Experience the different flavors and textures in your mouth as you bite onto these tasty Carne Asada Wraps. It’s deliciously packed with nutrients that eliminate cravings and help you lose fat. It’s perfect any time of the day.   INGREDIENTS: For the Marinade: ¼ c. fresh Lime juice ¼ c. fresh Lemon juice ¼ c. […]


Down 7 Inches In 4 Weeks!

Over the past 4 weeks, I have been getting ready for an exciting opportunity. I will soon be shooting an infomercial about health and fitness and I’m so excited! To be in my best shape, I challenged myself for 28 days. I wanted to see how my entire body would transform. And the results are […]