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Sugar Scripts for Any Occasion

Sugar has been a part of my life since I was an infant. And believe me… I was not born with this superwoman “sugar-is-not-appealing” strength. I had to go through so many times of breaking my addiction, then getting addicted again, then…

Business School In Your Home

Who says you have to sacrifice years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars to go to “business school”? Watch this video to find out a new way: To Register for the free training, go here ==> Free Business Training   Here’s to your greatest success!   Love, Light and Abundance,

#1 Obstacle To Overcome

Congratulations on securing your spot for the live webinar “Energy Maximization Formula” Please watch this video … Let me know how I can help you! Leave a comment on the blog.  See you in the training! To Your Success, Love, Light and Abundance,

Taking Care of Yourself is Not Selfish

As women, our society sees us as the nurturers. We are the ones who take care of others even at the expense of ourselves. We feel that we are selfish when we take care of our needs first before attending to the needs of others. We go out of our way to do these things […]